Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (NPCC)

Nano Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (NPCC) is the first nano-material developed by NanoMaterials Technology (NMT). NPCC has been successfully commercialized and its HGCP production technology has been out-licensed to worldwide partners with typical annual manufacturing output of tens of thousand tons. NPCC is also marketing and distributing the NPCC products.

In conventional precipitation technologies, producing nano-particles of calcium carbonate with mean size of less than 100 nm could be challenging without any additives. However, HGCP technology can realize mass production of NPCC nano-particles which precisely controlled at mean size of 15 to 60 nm, without any crystal growth inhibitor. Furthermore, the morphology of NPCC nano-particle can be tailored according to its intended application.


Typical commercial ultra-fine NPCC produced by HGCP technology has the below properties:

  • Cubic shape
  • Average particle size of 40 nm
  • Narrow particle size distribution of ± 15nm
  • BET surface area >40 m 2/g
  • No chemical inhibitor (no contamination)

NPCC products have been found to be effective functional additives/fillers in plastics, paper, paint, ink, rubber, and many other industries. It can partially replace TiO 2 in many applications, while maintaining the desired functionality properties of TiO 2, such as the hiding power, whiteness and finish. In other applications, NPCC can be used as a partial or complete replacement of conventional fillers – such as fumed silica, carbon black (thermal or normal), etc. in order to improve on the physical and mechanical properties of the product. NPCC products with various surface-modifications are also available to promote smooth integration and compatibility of the NPCC nano-particles into the formulation of your products.

NMT offers various NPCC products (please refer our Product Information Centre for our Technical Data Sheet and MSDS) and welcomes Partner who is interested in licensing our production technology (please send your enquiry ).


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