NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd (NMT) is a technology-based company founded and incorporated in Singapore in 2000. NMT specializes in the development, manufacturing, commercialization, and licensing of nano-material products for various markets such as oil and gas, coatings, plastics, glass, electronic materials and specialty chemicals.

NMT’s headquarter is based in Singapore, which houses corporate office and R&D laboratories. The Company also has manufacturing operations in Singapore and China, and is expanding in Asia-Pacific, South Africa and South America. NMT works with worldwide partners to market and distribute its nano-material products.

NMT started with a decent R&D laboratory and over the years, has strengthened its ability to design, synthesize and mass produce crystalline nano-powders and nano-dispersions to consistent quality, narrow particle size distribution, crystal shape and morphology. The Company works closely with its customers and partners to customize and design the desired nano-particles of the intended applications. The Company also commercializes its own nano metal oxide products for various industrial applications. The product innovations are based on its core intellectual properties and proprietary technologies. NMT has more than 30 worldwide granted patents and patent applications.



NMT is one of the leading nanotechnology companies in Asia and the World which provides innovative solutions to our customers and partners who would like to integrate nano-technology into their products. Our aim is to foster close relationship and partnership with our customers and partners to develop and value adding their products. NMT believes that the success of its customers and partners brings well-being to its shareholders, employees and community.


NMT’s vision is to become the leader in the nano-technology community which can make nano-materials scalable and affordable in improving lives and meeting future needs.


NMT believes that its mission and vision can be achieved with the following core values:

  • Always listen, respond and anticipate to our customers and partners’ needs and expectations
  • Be innovative and dare to overcome challenges
  • Promote teamwork and respect each other
  • Be a partner with high professionalism and integrity