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2016, October 4

Granting of ATO Patent in Japan

NMT patent named “Nanometric tin-containing metal oxide particle and dispersion, and preparation method and application thereof” was granted in Japan on 4 Oct 2016.

The invention relates to a dispersion which contains a tin-containing metal oxide nanoparticle, which has an index of dispersion degree less than 7 and a narrow particle size distribution which is defined as steepness ratio less than 3. The invention further relates to paint, shielding film and their glass products which comprise the said nanoparticle dispersion. In addition, the invention also disclosed processes of making the tin-containing metal oxide nanoparticle dispersion. The tin-containing metal oxide nanoparticles dispersion disclosed herein may be applied on the window glass of houses, buildings, vehicles, ships, etc. This also provides an excellent function of infrared blocking with high transparency, in order to achieve sunlight controlling and thermal radiation controlling.

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